Finnish-style log cabins

Our log cabin range includes smaller log cabins, with or without an integrated sauna. The 20 to 30 m2 log cabins with a sauna are popular since, on many lots, the building permit will not allow for a larger construction.

You can also combine a sauna cabin on the same lot with a log villa. The smaller log cabin can function as an additional guest house whenever extended family or friends are staying over. Even the smaller log cabins with saunas are typically designed for year-round use, in which case a thicker type of log is used as the material.

Read more about our range and make your log cabin dream come true. We can customise any of the models to fit your lot.

Even for year-round habitation

All the models are available for year-round habitation, as well. Just choose the model that suits your needs and we will calculate a quote for the insulation package for the log cabin in question.