Kuikka iso 2

Kuikka iso 2 (one-storey)
Floor area with heating  m2
Porch 16 m2
Total area 66 m2


Kuikka iso 2 (with loft area)
Floor area with heating 50 m2
Porch 16 m2
Loft 28 m2
Total area 105 m2


Kuikka iso 2 (two-storey)
Floor area with heating 73 m2
Porch 12 m2
Loft 34 m2
Total area 119 m2

The Kuikka Iso range includes traditional Finnish-style log villas with added grandeur, spaciousness, as well as practical layout solutions.

Kuikka Iso 2 is a spacious holiday villa that meets the requirements of even the most demanding family. The extensive kitchen has plenty of countertop space and easy access to the terrace for barbecuing, for example.

The sauna can seat a larger group of people all in one go. Two big bedrooms and the loft area upstairs make it easy to accommodate house guests.

Legend for wall surfaces
Log wall
Partition wall
Brick wall
Legend for floor surfaces
Dry area
Wet are