Logs as a material are
a safe choice

A skilfully crafted log home will "breathe" and provide exceptionally good indoor air quality. The log structure balances out the changes in the humidity and temperature of the air. It accumulates heat and distributes it evenly into the indoor air. This is why log homes are particularly well suited for those with allergies or asthma.

As our raw material, we use dense grained Finnish pine. In our log home factory, the raw logs are planed and worked into assembly-ready logs according to the blueprints. The precisely cut laminated and planed logs make a tight, yet breathing construction that is quick to assemble on site.

Size of logs is based on the purpose of use

STK Loghomes’ log selection includes 4”x7”and 5”x7” planed logs and 88, 113, 134, 202, and 240 mm laminated logs. The thinner log profiles are good for holiday homes that are designed to be used during the summer months. Log homes designed for year-round use are built from either the thinner logs + 150 mm sheathing + 20 mm or thicker log panelling, or the thicker 202 or 240 mm laminated logs.